In chapter nine of Luke Jesus sent out his twelve disciples to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. In this week’s passage, Luke 10:1-16, Jesus sent out seventy more disciples to go before Him on His way to Jerusalem. They were instructed to preach the kingdom of God in peace, preparing the way in which Jesus would come. Like these disciples, we are also representatives of Jesus on mission with a message of Kingdom peace.

We are representatives of Jesus Christ to a world filled with hatred and sin. We are to preach the kingdom of God in peace to a world full of chaos and corruption. (EASIER SAID THAN DONE RIGHT?) Many Christians have gone AWOL (absent without leave) at times from their Kingdom mission. I am sure that we all can identify with the difficulty of staying on mission and preaching the Kingdom of God’s peace.

Two things that prevent us from living a missional life and taking God’s peace to others are: a fear of rejection, and drama in our life. None of us like rejection. Rejection hurts. Do you fear the rejection that comes from being a representative of Jesus Christ? I encourage you that living a life where fear of failing Christ will overshadow fear of anyone else is possible for you. It doesn’t matter how many times you have gone AWOL. It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed. God calls you to be faithful in taking His message of peace to your fellow neighbors. Do not fear. You are well able to preach God’s Kingdom of peace. Focus on your faithfulness, not their response. Remember God’s faithfulness, and He will bless you with overwhelming acceptance in Him. Also, God’s overwhelming acceptance is enough to help you through all of life’s drama.

Avoiding life’s drama is like a high wire act. The tight thin rope demands skill and careful abandon if it is to be walked safely. Only the skilled and practiced tight rope walker dare tries walking on it. Avoiding life’s drama, or more accurately the effects of life’s drama is a practiced skill. Staying on mission with God’s message of Kingdom peace is only accomplished through a life of intentional practice and skill. It is easy to lose balance from the ever blowing winds of drama. Family relationships may be the wind of drama that makes navigating your tight rope so difficult? Have broken relationships left you feeling helpless? Have they left you feeling that going before the face of Jesus on mission is impossible? Is your workplace a source of drama that deters you from the mission? If you can pinpoint a constant source of drama in your life, seek help. Find a tight rope walker that has the practice, experience and skill to coach you and help you become a skilled tight rope walker through winds of drama.

In a world filled with hatred and sin; a world full of pain and suffering, people need God’s peace. We all have people in our lives that need the peace of God. We have been sent as disciples with a message of Kingdom peace. Who in your life needs Kingdom peace? They may reject you, but you will have been a faithful representative of the King. You are well able to stand against the winds of drama and bring peace where it is needed!

“Peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal”

Martin Luther King, Jr.