Jeff proposed three questions this week to promote good discussion in small groups.

1) When were you the victim in this story?

2) Who was a good Samaritan to you when you were hurt?

3) What can we learn from this and our own story in order to learn to love others well?

I ask you to set thirty minutes apart right now; or to intentionally schedule thirty minutes to prayerfully consider these three questions. Here are twelve steps[1] that are very helpful to structure your prayer so that it may be more profitable. Spend 2 ½ minutes on each of the twelve steps totaling 30 minutes. I know that we all want to love God and to love others. I know we all also desire to be a good Samaritan to those around us that are hurting. Go to the source of spiritual power and love. Learn of His will and love. Go to God in prayer.

1)     Praise – Praise God for His healing through Jesus Christ and other good Samaritans that He has brought into your life.

2)     Waiting – Be still. Be quiet. Breathe. Rest.

3)     Confession – Confess to God your sins that have caused others harm and your sins that have overlooked helping others.

4)     Scripture Praying – Pray to God His own Word

5)     Watching – Pray for alertness in seeing others in need of a good Samaritan.

6)     Intercession – Pray for others around you that are in need of God’s healing and a good Samaritan.

7)     Petition – Ask God for healing in areas where you are hurting.

8)     Thanksgiving – Thank God for his role as the ultimate good Samaritan and for sending His servant that was a good Samaritan to you in your time of hurting.

9)     Singing – Sing and praise God for his healing mercies.

10)  Meditation – Meditate on this passage and how you can apply it to your life. Think about practical ways you can be a good Samaritan to someone around you.

11)  Listening – Listen to the instruction of God’s Spirit as He leads you to someone that is hurting and is in need of a good Samaritan.

12)  Praise – Praise God for allowing you to be a good Samaritan and a part of His healing ministry. Praise Him for you healing. Praise Him for the healing of your loved ones. Praise Him for the healing He will provide through you in the near future!




[1] Dick Eastman, The Hour That Changes the World, 0801033373