Are you a responsible risk taker? A responsible risk taker is someone who is responsible to God’s will and understands the risk of God’s plan. God’s will is the same for all of us; it is to obey Him and His Word. However, God’s plan is entirely different for all of us. For instance, it is God’s plan for you to be employed at a particular place; and it is God’s will for you to be a godly employ at that particular place.

Abraham was a responsible risk taker. He was living in the pagan culture of Mesopotamia, Ur of the Chaldeans, and Jehovah God called him out to go to a specific land. He was instructed to leave everything that he had ever known. Abraham didn’t have any idea what land God was promising him. Abraham’s responsibility was to be obedient to God and leave. The risk became involved in leaving Ur, not knowing his destination. Abraham had the certainty of God’s promise in the midst of a life of uncertain circumstances.

We do not always know our future circumstances or destination but we do know how to live while God is directing us. I will confess, I have the tendency to obsess over God’s plan for my life which I am not able to control more than I obsess over God’s will for my life which I am able to control. I am sure that many of you can relate to this tendency. Is it not silly that we worry more about things that are out of our control than things we can control?

Like Abraham, God has called us to a life of certainty in the midst of uncertain circumstances. God has called us out into a life of responsible risk. We may not know exactly what lies ahead, but we are able to meet the challenges with responsibility. This week, every time you begin to worry or fret about things that are out of your control immediately pause. Pause to meditate on Scripture. Pause and pray. Meditating on Scripture and prayer helps renew our thinking towards God’s will for our obedience. This strong obedience allows us to face the circumstance that God has planned for us. You are well able to be a responsible risk taker!