Joanna Weaver’s book, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: Finding Intimacy With God in the Busyness of Life has sold over two million copies over the past fourteen years. It is still in the top 5,000 bestsellers on Amazon, which means hundreds of copies are being sold each day and will eventually be one of the bestselling Christian books of all time. Why is that? What is driving the demand?

I believe that the sub-title of the book captures the attention of Christians who allow the busyness of life to suffocate their intimacy with God and they want to change their life. They buy the book in hope that it will instruct and inspire them to find intimacy with God in the busyness of life. So why has the book sold millions of copies? What is driving the demand?  Exhausted and frustrated Christians who feel they are drowning in the busyness of life and know they need time with their Creator and Savior are never in a shortage. In need and desperation Christians are seeking help to find God in the busyness of life.

This week’s message from Luke 10:38-42 dealt with the story of Mary and Martha and their interaction with Jesus. Mary and Martha represent two groups of people and how they prioritize their discipleship with Christ. There are those, like Mary, that make their discipleship with Christ the main thing, and those that do not like Martha. I am sure that some of you have spent time as Martha; perhaps you feel like Martha right now in life. You have become frustrated and exhausted because this busy world has consumed your time and emotions causing your time with the Master to be minimal or non-existent.  You may have just given up on your discipleship with Christ. You are jealous of the Marys who have a radical allegiance to Christ. You wonder how they find the time. So, how can you have a radical allegiance to Christ? How can you “sit at the feet of Jesus” in the midst of a crazy busy world?

Sit down with your calendar and schedule the things that you are obligated to do for basic survival, like work, which provides for shelter and food. Even schedule your sleep. I know, I know, that sounds goofy. Just do it. You should have scheduled around 16-18 hours of your 24 hour day. So, with those 6 remaining hours schedule alone time with Christ. Make it a time of uncompromising devotion that is not to be interrupted. Spend time as a disciple at the Master’s feet. Making intimacy with God in the busyness of life a priority will change your Martha madness into Mary merriness. Making your discipleship a scheduled necessity instead of an afterthought will change your life. You will become radical like Mary in the midst of a Martha world. You will not only be healthy, but you will be able to help others shed their Martha madness for Mary merriness!