This is the time of year that resolutions made in January have merely become good intentions, hopes, dreams or maybe even nightmares. There is so much we want to accomplish each day and it seems like time can be so limited due to our routine commitments. Working, eating, and sleeping take up a large portion of our twenty-four hour day. What we do with the remaining few hours is detrimental to our growth as well as the growth and betterment of those we invest in.

One way to ensure important tasks are accomplished is to schedule them. This may seem trivial or perhaps only for those lacking discipline, but most disciplined people in our society live and die according to the calendar on their phone or mobile device. The fact is that there are tools out there to assist us in accomplishing our mission. We all have multiple missions simultaneously being executed, and we need help making sure they are all accomplished. You might be a parent, spouse, employee, community leader, neighbor, and coach – the list could go on. There are a plethora of areas we can give our time to, but many times the sheer magnitude causes paralysis and nothing is invested in.

If you want to accomplish something, schedule it! If we block out an area of our calendar for a particular item, that item now has room to be successfully completed. Schedule time to workout, go on a date, do devotions, be alone, play and have fun, shop, cook, be with your family, write articles, or respect a Sabbath. If you schedule it, the chances of checking that particular item off your list increases exponentially.

An intentional life is made up of intentional moments. Having trouble fitting table time into your life? Sit down and block out one or two nights a week dedicated to having that intentional time. It is possible to schedule intentional moments. Putting them on the calendar is one step in being intentional and we need as many variables in our favor as possible.

There are approximately 415 weeks until my fourth grade daughter will graduate high school. Until that time, we share a calendar. School, sporting events, friends, parties, and all the other things from that stage of life will increasingly compound to compete against my time in her life. How will I use the time I have left with her? I must be intentional. I schedule fun events, date nights, times to do family devotions, along with anything else that is valued in our family.

What about you? What is important to you that is not being accomplished because there is not enough margin in the schedule?

Your calendar is exactly that, your calendar – own it. Make it work for you instead of being a slave to it.

John Baxter
Director of Children and
Student Ministries