This past Sunday the front of the stage was filled with our staff and volunteers as Jeff introduced the initiative teams formed from the leadership retreat a few weeks ago.

During this retreat, we prayerfully sought God for His direction. We revisited decades of past history in order to gear up for our future together. We learned many lessons and that we have so much to be thankful for. We became excited as we discovered what God could do in the near future. To be the same people we have always been, but learning to do that in this generation. How do we keep doing what we are doing, but do so in a way that is relevant and that everyone can understand?

“You will not just hear of the work, but you will experience and feel the impact of what is being done.”

From our time together we saw areas to improve on. Areas of our ministry that we weren’t happy with but ready to make better. First, do a better job of defining a holistic approach to making disciples. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ affects every area of life (marriage, education, background, etc.). As a church we need to provide the training and tools that will enable us to be good disciples of Jesus Christ holistically, in every area of our life, not just with intellectual content. Second, gain clarity around our vision and strategy as a church and define how can we communicate this better. Lastly, to be more intentional about who we are trying to reach. Our goal is not to be the biggest church in Kansas City, but to reach those that we are called to reach. To reach those that are often overlooked; to those in our own city who don’t know who Jesus is. We need every single person to do that. Every person has been given talents, abilities and skills to minister to people and without the help of everyone, we cannot reach the world for Christ.

From these three areas we have formed initiatives and built teams that consist of both staff and members of our congregation. Many of these teams have met and already made significant progress.

The seven initiatives with their objectives are as follows:

  • Groups: Define the purpose and pathway of groups (small, medium, and large groups)
  • Holistic Care: Implement an agreed upon strategy for holistic care
  • Early Development: Take people from unchurched to early spiritual maturity
  • Leadership Development: People realizing and fully employing their gifts
  • Communications: To communicate key information to the right people at the right time
  • Family Fun: Continued development and implementation of strategies to engage our families and their values
  • Organizational Clarity: Everyone knows to whom they report and who & what they are responsible for. This last initiative is internal as it focuses on our church staff.

Each of these initiatives has a set of action steps that will help take us into our future. These action steps include dates to be put into motion, cost, and have accountability tied to them. Over the next several months you will not just hear of the work, but you will experience and feel the impact of what is being done.

Join us in praying for these teams as we look to an exciting future here at Graceway.