The Small Groups/Growth Track (SG/GT) Pastor serves Graceway by ensuring all people are being invited and guided to continue to grow and make a difference by engaging a small group, completing Growth Track, and joining a Dream Team. The development and implementation of these interactions will make Graceway’s Small Groups/Growth Track highly accessible, efficient, effective, and productive.

Job Title: Small Groups/Growth Track Pastor

Employee Status: Exempt

Campus: Main


  • Proven experience in recruiting, leading, and equipping leaders to lead successful teams.
  • Ability to interpret and analyze data and offer/carry out implementation strategies.
  • Understanding of and enthusiasm for Graceway culture, processes and vision.
  • Ability to build relationships in order to assess, advise and direct a person’s appropriate next steps.
  • Love God
  • Love People
  • Pursue Excellence
  • Choose Joy
  • Assist with pastoral care needs as directed by the Ministry Team Pastor.
  • Attend Graceway services and church events.
  • Use discretion and discernment with confidential and sensitive matters.
  • Lead SG/GT, under the direction of Graceway’s Lead Pastor and Ministry Team Pastor, by continually giving vision, direction and leadership development.
  • Implement, oversee, manage and evaluate effectiveness of in-building and online SG/GT processes used to connect people to the church.
  • Collaborate with all staff and leaders in providing excellent, efficient, and effective execution and management of SG/GT at Graceway.
  • Retrieve data from SG/GT meetings/events/services for tracking, reporting, and analyzing data trends and exploring the proper response for those trends.
  • Develop and maintain vision and processes for appreciation, care of, and celebration of all Small Groups and Growth Track Dream Teamers.
  • Collaborate with Congregational Care Pastor to ensure effective implementation of care referral processes for SG/GT.
  • Maintain up-to-date files on SG/GT participants and resources.
  • Recruit, build, serve, and manage SG/GT leadership (including A-Teams).
  • Communicate the SG/GT vision to people and how they can join/participate in these teams/environments.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain guidelines and procedures for the operation of and serving on the SG/GT teams.
  • Develop, maintain and communicate a database of opportunities for serving.
  • Build and maintain relationships with SG/GT Coordinators/Leaders.
  • Create and implement regular training of SG/GT Coordinators/Leaders.
  • Ensure SG/GT Coordinators/Leaders are mentoring and monitoring SG/GT Coaches/Leaders.
  • Collaborate with SG/GT Admin Assistant in the planning and execution of SG/GT strategies.
  • Ensure cross-communication among all Graceway departments as it relates to areas of SG/GT.
  • Facilitate leadership meetings for SG/GT on initiatives and best practices for Graceway.
  • Ensure all SG/GT events/environments are equipped, resourced, and led with excellence and that participants are invited/guided to take their next step.
  • Study other churches/organizations/resources to monitor SG/GT processes and best practices for implementation at Graceway.
  • Collaborate with the Ministry Team Pastor to develop and manage SG/GT annual budgets.
  • Various projects as assigned.