Just a couple of weeks ago, Graceway staff members participated in our second Strategic Operation Planning (StratOp) process. For two days, we gathered together reviewing our first StratOp session, seeing how far we have come, and where we want to see Graceway go in the future. Much prayer and seeking God for His direction went into these two days and we are so excited for where we are heading as a church. In 2015, we focused on Graceway’s history, the lessons we learned from the past, and what the next steps were to help Graceway be the church God desires for it to be. In 2016, we focused on refining and the ‘how-tos’ in order to take Graceway forward.

This year, our entire staff had the opportunity to participate in the StratOp process. It was both encouraging and a time of team building. Here is what some of our staff had to say about the experience:

The past two years of going through the StratOp process has completely changed Graceway. There is a drive and a clarity in what we are trying to achieve that just wasn’t there before now. Opening up the StratOp process to the entire staff this year was a pivotal move for us. Having the entire staff be apart of the StratOp process made the process of communicating out the vision and direction so much easier. People walked out of the StratOp knowing where we are headed, and how we were going to get there. I think it was an incredible moment for all of us, and I know it brought us closer together as a team.
– Jim Edwards

I loved that our leadership felt it important that our entire staff participate in the meetings, it really gave everyone an understanding of the process. I feel like it really unified our staff as a team! It’s great to see how we are moving forward with communication and valuing everyone’s opinion.
– Dan Bly

Stratop was fascinating from the aspect of reviewing how we are doing, and then identifying what needs the most attention over the next 6-9 months. I enjoyed having a large portion of staff engaging in the process and hearing from some who didn’t have a voice at the original meeting in 2015. Our facilitator was gifted in leading these difficult, honest assessments, and I am thankful he was apart of it. The thing I am most geeked about is us figuring out how to measure and what tools to use for assessment of future successes. I know and understand that the Holy Spirit leads a church in specific directions AND I also love to see the data that reinforces the movement of God.
– Chris Ruzicka

It was encouraging and exciting to have the entire staff involved! It was great to see how far we have come since the 2015 StratOp. It is always fun to win and see the forward movement.
– John Baxter

I enjoyed the opportunity to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, and together prioritize and plan so that we can move forward in unity.
– Donna Bruce

Our desire is that you will not just hear, but see and experience the impact in what is being done in the coming weeks and months. We are truly excited about the future of Graceway and are thankful to embark on this journey you. Please join us in praying that God continues to guide and direct us and that we continue to honor Him in everything we do.