Last Sunday we shared some exciting improvements that we are making this fall for high school and middle school students.  These changes are a result of information we collected during our town hall meetings, several strategic planning sessions between Graceway pastors and leaders, and many hours of prayer.  We believe these things will help us better mobilize the next generation to follow Jesus.  Here’s what student ministry will be doing this fall:

Better Communication with Parents

Starting in September we will be sending out monthly newsletters to the parents our students.  If you would like be on the list to receive the newsletter please go to the link below and register.

High School Newsletter Signup

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Targeting Students in Main Service

Students are not the church of tomorrow; they are the church – right now.  Graceway is committed to reaching and mobilizing the next generation.  Our goal for students is the same as it is for any adult at Graceway: participate in one service, serve in the other.

Weekend Worship for Students

Even though we are working very hard to engage students in the main service, we understand that students need time, specifically set aside for them, to connect with each other and hear teaching directed to their stage of life.  Middle school will continue to meet during the 9:00 am service.  We would like to see middle school students attend the 10:45 service with their parents and peers.

To avoid competition with after school sports and activities, high school students will be moving our main gathering time from Wednesday to Sunday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  We would like to see high school students serve during the first service, attend the second, and then come back Sunday evening for their own class.

Mid-week Small Groups

We heardloud and clear from the town hall meetings the need for students to build more meaningful relationships with each other and with our leaders. On October 1st we will launch a mid-week small group environment in homes all over the Kansas City metro area.  These groups are designed to help students grow spiritually and develop authentic relationships.

We understand that many of you will have questions and possibly even concerns.  We welcome your honest input as we move forward.  Please know that we are committed to creating the most effective environments possible for our students.  We look forward to serving your family for another school year.


Seeking God’s best,

Brian Stuchul – High School Director
Nick Hart – Middle School Director


Important Dates for High School

Aug. 27th – Last Wednesday night at Graceway campus

Aug. 31st – Last Sunday morning for High School

Sep. 7th – First Sunday evening for High School

Oct. 1st – First night of Small Groups in homes


Important Dates for Middle School

Aug. 27th – Last Wednesday night at Graceway Campus

Week of Oct. 6-10th – First week of Small Groups in homes