jadamsA few weeks ago I shared with you that our leadership team spent three days in a retreat discussing Graceway’s current status and future. Graceway is an amazing church, but, as with all of us, there are always areas in which we desire to grown and become better. This enlightening process took us through 65 years of Graceway history, learning and remembering the key features of our story. We spent time together looking at where we are and praying for God to give us direction for the years ahead. By the end of our time together, some very specific themes emerged and we collectively put a plan in motion to address our key growth needs as a church community. This is not a one-time event but a commitment to a continual process of examining our past, evaluating our current state and seeking God’s guidance as we move forward to make a difference in our world.


This Sunday I’ll take a few minutes during the services to discuss our next steps at Graceway. We’ve identified several areas of focus and put together teams from our staff and congregation to tackle the challenge. I want to introduce you to the people on these teams as we prayerfully commission them for the task ahead. There’s much work to do, but I think it important that you know who is planning and organizing these initiatives and ask you to continue in prayer for them as God leads them forward.

There’s simply not enough time on a Sunday morning to tell you everything I’d like to say, but we do plan to post an article on visitgraceway.org at the beginning of the week that will highlight more details of what these teams are doing and their specific objectives. I’m very excited about where God is leading Graceway. Each week I’m meeting new people in Guest Central and hearing some fabulous stories of God’s grace. Whether through one-on-one relationship, sports teams, or workplace relationships, people are coming to faith and their lives are being transformed. I am confident that God is going to do some mighty things among us in the next few months. Thanks to you for being part of what God is doing!

Jeff Adams
Senior Pastor