The classic children’s book, "The Giving Tree", tells a story of a boy and a tree. Each day the boy would come to the tree to eat of its apples, swing from the branches, and slide down its trunk…and the tree was happy. It is a story of selfless giving. Inspired by this book, the month of November we will be collecting items to give to our neighbors and community organizations. You can participate by selecting items from the display in the lobby or view a complete list here. Then, bring those items back to the collection boxes in the foyer.

Last holiday season your donations to our local organizations were incredibly generous. This letter was received from one of our local partners who received from your selfless giving:

I just had a man come in the office. He wanted to tell me how much he appreciated all the wonderful gifts he received. He said it was the best Christmas he had in eight years and normally didn’t even bother to celebrate Christmas. He told me it was perfect. This man is generally not one to show much emotion, but was smiling ear to ear telling me about how great this Christmas morning was.

Don’t forget to stop by the display this Sunday to select an item to bring in or view a complete list here. Let’s make this holiday season great!