Sunday we begin a new series we are calling “The Time Is Now.”  This series is all about the urgency of what God wants to do in our life.   Jesus has set his face to go to Jerusalem knowing that there, the cross awaits him.  You can sense the urgency in Jesus and his disciples as the hour approaches.  In Luke 17, Jesus instructs his followers in some basic and practical truth that will equip them to face the future in confidence.  


This Sunday we begin with “Now is the Time to Forgive.”  We will talk about one of the most urgent needs we have in life – the need to understand what it is to be forgiven and to forgive others. Join us on Sunday mornings for the next eight weeks as we walk through Luke 17 discussing the practical truths from this chapter. These basic truths are just as urgent in our lives today and the application is immediate.  Don’t miss the opportunity to overcome some of life’s obstacles NOW.