Tim Dunn | Graceway’s next Lead Pastor

We are excited to announce Tim Dunn as the next Lead Pastor of Graceway. Tim, Ashley, and their family come to us from Heartland Church in Indianapolis, IN where Tim has been serving as the Executive Pastor.

When we started the process of searching for a new Lead Pastor, we never could have imagined finding someone whose history was intertwined with the history of Graceway, but it is clear that God has had a plan for this church much greater than what we could have envisioned.

Letter from Jeff Adams

An Early Connection to Graceway

Tim grew up attending First Baptist Church in New Philadelphia, Ohio. While living there, he participated in Graceway’s (then, KCBT) discipleship program and traveled to Kansas City to participate in past missions conferences. Tim has studied at Kent State University, in New Philly’s Shepherd School program, and is currently finishing his master’s degree Trinity Bible College & Theological Seminary. Tim has held both Executive and Senior Pastor roles throughout his many years in ministry. He is committed to developing personal relationships and fostering local outreach programs.

  • Pray their home in Indiana would sell quickly.
  • Pray they would find a new home here in Kansas City.
  • Pray for Ashley and the kids was they transition to a new city.
  • Pray for comfort as they move away from family and friends.

Sermons by Tim Dunn

Jesus & Narcissism

Dealing With Doubt

The Best Relationship Advise Ever

Grow on Purpose

Watch more sermons by Tim Dunn


We realize you may have questions as we walk through this journey together. We’ve assembled a list of frequently asked questions that we hope address your concerns. However, if you have a question that we haven’t addressed, please contact us using the form below.


Tim will officially start on February 27. He may be traveling back and forth for a short time until they have closed on a home in Kansas City. Keep in mind this is the beginning of an intention overlap. So although Tim will begin on February 27, there will be a period where responsibilities and job functions will move from Jeff Adams to Tim Dunn.
Plans for the transition have been discussed for several months. Now that Tim is here, those details will begin to be refined. We will keep you updated as we have more information.
We are working now to plan two opportunities for the congregation to get to meet Tim on a more personal level. Although we are still working on specific details, we have set two dates for an Open House on March 12 & March 15. As soon as we have more details we will post additional information on our events page.
On February 26 we will have a special service with both Jeff Adams and Tim Dunn. We have also confirmed that Tim will be preaching at Graceway on March 5 as part of our “Redeeming Community” series. As Tim and Ashley get settled into Kansas City and purchase a house, we will continue to schedule additional services where Tim will preaching.

Other Questions

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