written by Pastor Jeff Adams

Can I confess that election seasons drive me crazy! This one especially seems to have elevated name-calling, insults and pettiness to an art form. Even a casual glance at social media brings me face-to-face with posts from people I love that are filled with fear, hate, panic and apocalyptic images proclaiming that the sky is falling. Fear and hate lead to uncertainty and worry. Honestly, I have enough on my plate without piling on more worry and bad attitudes. There is a saying in Spanish that translates something like, “Tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are.” So I try to limit my intake of election propaganda.

God doesn’t operate by spreading fear. Fear is evidence of a life in need of a more mature love (1Jn 4:18). As a follower of Jesus I am commissioned to share the Gospel … Good News. Fear and hate do not qualify as good news. Jesus and Paul both summarize the entire Bible as love toward God and others (Mat 22:37-40; Rom 13:8-10).

Just like many of you, I am genuinely struggling to know how, or for whom to vote as Election Day draws near. But the real issue to consider as we approach November is to know who is in control. However, we vote on November 8 and whoever ends up as President (or any office), God will still be God on November 9. Whoever lives in the White House will have absolutely no effect on God’s ability to offer forgiveness for sin, a covering for shame, personal healing and hope for eternity to all who put their faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. I have ministered in free countries, democracies, socialist states, communist and atheistic countries, and I can tell you that God never abandoned me for a moment. And I have never had an issue learning to share his Good News in any of those places. Politics is important, but we have a higher calling.

In times of uncertainty, our choice is between living a life that is faith based or one that is fear based. Actually, most people have already chosen. Just check their social media and examine the percentage of Good News vs. political fear mongering. Let me challenge you to revisit your choice. You can’t vote twice in November, but you can change your vote right now to spread a message of hope, not fear. In fact, just think what might happen if we all intentionally set out to spread hope. With all the darkness, we’ve rarely had such an opportunity for faith, hope and love to shine brighter. Spread hope in some tangible way today! Your choice.