She is: Mother’s Day Special Episode (S02E03)

In this Mother’s Day episode of She Is Melanie Newton honors her mother, Kristy Newton. In this episode, she talks about her mother, whom she describes as having the biggest heart for other people and has devoted her life to serving her family and the Lord.

Calling Workers

Discover how we can do the will of God and share the gospel with those who have not heard. Through the Parable of the Sower and other biblical passages, Pastor Tim will inspire and challenge us to be workers in God’s harvest.

She isn’t Alone (S02E02)

In this episode, we explore Desiree Lee’s life as she shares her family’s challenges, from her son’s epilepsy to her husband’s injury. Witness their resilience and faith through life’s unexpected twists. Join us for an inspiring, touching, and honest conversation about overcoming adversity with love and support.

Building & Filling

Join us as Pastor Tim Dunn shares how God builds his church through the power of the Holy Spirit, loving one another, and being sent out as witnesses to the world. Through biblical passages such as Matthew 16:18 and Ephesians 5:15-21, Pastor Tim challenges us to walk wisely and understand the will of the Lord in our daily lives. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear this impactful message on God’s plan for his church. Tune in now to join the conversation.

Seeking & Saving

Join us for this week’s sermon as we explore the universal concept of sin and salvation. We’ll discuss how acknowledging our own shortcomings and accepting the cure for sin through the message of the Gospel can lead to a new and transformative life. Don’t miss out on this powerful message!

She is Covered (S02E01)

Special guest Deshana Palmer shares her story of surviving childhood abuse and finding strength through God’s forgiveness.