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We believe that generosity is something that God wants for us, not from us. At Graceway we strive to make your act of generosity as easy as possible and are committed to using your generosity to reach our city and the world with the message of Jesus Christ.

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Armenia Relief Fund

The people of Armenia are caught in the middle of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. Graceway’s partners in Armenia are delivering supplies to those in need and helping relocate people to safer areas right now. If you would like to join Graceway in supporting our partners in Armenia, we invite you to donate today.

Give to Armenia Relief

Giving to Graceway and our major initiatives

Your offerings are used to provide the resources necessary to accomplish ministry not just in our community but around the world. In addition to general tithes and offerings we also have several specific giving opportunities through out the year.

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Christ’s last words to his disciples included a command to go into all the world and share the good news. That mission lies at the heart of Graceway, and we have the privilege to train and send missionaries around the world. Missions contributions help support men and women actively working to take the gospel to those who have yet to hear. To give to one of our missionaries please select the part of the world that you are interested in supporting.

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Online giving is accessible from your computer or smartphone, you can send a one time gift, or schedule gifts.

Important Giving Information

Our accounting team mails annual giving statements by January 31 for the previous year’s contributions. You can help us provide you with an accurate statement by utilizing one of the following methods when giving:

  1. Place your money in a pre-assigned, pre-numbered offering envelope;
  2. Place your money in a generic envelope (located behind the auditorium seats) providing your complete name and address (please write clearly);
  3. Use the online giving portion of our site (;
  4. To Issue a check through your bank’s online bill payment system, making sure your name and address is on the change.

2021 Approved offering designations

Your regular tithes and offerings support the many local and international ministries of Graceway. We also collect special offerings throughout the year for specific ministry endeavors. 2019 approved offering designations are as follow:

General Tithes and Offerings, Benevolence, Bible Publishing and Translation, Building Fund, Community and Global Outeach, Designated Missionary Support, Que Dice la Biblia, Jeff Adams Transition Fund, Short Term Missions/Missions Trips, Student Camp, Youth League Sponsorships, Other Special Offerings (as announced).