From babies to fifth graders, we love to tell the story of Jesus,
bring the Bible to life, and help families win.


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How will I know what was taught?
Every child should walk away with a Parent CUE handout each Sunday. The Parent CUE includes four things from this week’s lessons: the month’s character trait, memory verse, the week’s Bible story, and a specific question(s) for parents to ask their child(ren) and talk about.


What if I have a child with special needs?
We strive to have children integrated into the regular classroom with others. We help determine what the needs are for each child on a case-by-case basis, and work with each family to develop a plan that best suits them and their child. If you have a child with special needs, please contact Children’s Ministry staff so that we can work with you to best meet your child’s needs.


Who is taking care of my child?
We believe our SkyKids volunteers are the best! All volunteers are required to pass a background check and attend orientation before stepping into the classroom. Additional training opportunities are provided throughout the year to make your child’s (and our volunteer’s!) experience the best possible.


Who can pick up my child from their classroom?
An adult with a matching security tag is the only one allowed to pick up children from the classroom.


Can an older sibling in Middle School or High School pick-up my other children?
Unfortunately, no. We ask that for safety reasons, an adult be required to pick up from the classroom.


How will you contact me if I am needed during a church service?
The three-digit security code that appears on your pick-up tag will be placed on the screen in the main auditorium. If you see your child’s code on the screen, we ask that you report to their classroom as soon as possible. If you are in an adult class and not in the main auditorium, please let the check-in person know where you will be located so that we come get you if need be.

Each time you check in your child, you will receive two matching name tags: one for you and one for your child. A randomly generated security code, allergy info, and other important information will print on this tag. The only person allowed to pick up your child(ren) from their classroom is the adult with the matching tag and security code.We require each volunteer to pass a criminal background screening. Our adult volunteers wear name tags so that you and your children will know exactly who is approved to work with minors in the Graceway children’s ministries.

We provide a safe and loving environment so you can attend service with peace of mind. The nursery wing is equipped with age-appropriate furniture and toys, as well as a monitored, quiet sleeping room and a private nursing mother’s room. Preschoolers begin to learn about God as their teachers introduce them to engaging Bible stories, classic children’s songs, along with age-appropriate play and activities. All classrooms have restrooms with child-sized features, as well as warm, inviting play spaces.

Every weekend, your children kindergarten through fifth grade come to a SkyKids service where they experience dynamic worship and Biblical teaching. A lot of their time is spent in a Small Group to give them the benefit of a consistent leader and interaction with kids their age. Together, they learn about the Bible and how to have a relationship with God, play games, do crafts, and have fun developing friendships with each other.

The Graceway Children’s ministry is one of the fastest growing areas of the church; and it also happens to be one of the most fun and exciting places to serve on Sunday! If you are interested in serving the next generation, visit our Dream Team page.