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The Graceway Residency Program is a two year, leadership training program designed to give a hands-on ministry experience. Residents will work with Graceway staff and receive personal mentoring, development, and leadership training to equip emerging church leaders for a lifetime of ministry impact.

Residents gain experience by serving with a staff team and other church leaders in one of the ministry departments of the church. Each resident will serve in a primary area of ministry focus based on experience, desired ministry future, and team chemistry.

Each residency term will last two years, with each resident expected to work 30 hours a week.

Residency Tracks

  • Children’s Ministry
  • Student Ministry
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Worship Ministry
  • Creative Arts
  • Missions
  • Outreach Ministry
Residency has given me daily exposure to ministry and training alongside a pastor who uses every experience to teach and prepare me.
Logan Brothers, Worship Resident
Residency has helped me become the person who God intended me to be and discover what I want to do vocationally in ministry.
Joel Lyons, Family Life Resident
The residency program has allowed me to use the skills I learned in college in a practical way. I have learned leadership skills, been poured into by seasoned leaders and grown as an individual in my professional career and personal life.
Eli Schaefer, Communications Resident

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Host Home Program

At Graceway, we have the unique and exciting opportunity to train up and send out young, high-quality leaders through our Residency Program. Our desire is to provide a practical learning experience for the resident that will prepare him or her for successful, long-term ministry in the church.

One aspect of this development is providing a healthy, positive place for a resident to live through our Host Home Program. Would you prayerfully consider hosting a resident for the duration of their residency?

We ask that host homes make a six-month or one-year commitment and be able to provide some meals.

Host Home Packet – Additional Information

Apply to be a host home!

  • Warm & willing to share daily life
  • Excited and able to meet the needs of their guest
  • Interested in learning about other people
  • Excited to invest in the next generation of church leaders
Host Home Application


The Six Developmental Components form the developmental strategy of the residency program.

Ministry Experience

Ministry Experience is what the residency is all about. The purpose of residency is to ensure the residents have the leadership capacity and know-how to effectively and competently lead as a pastor. In order to do this, residents need significant and real-life ministry experience.

Leadership Coaching

Ministry Coaching works in conjunction with Ministry Experience (Developmental Component #1). Ministry Coaching also overlaps with Personal Development (Developmental Component #3). Two times per month the resident coach will meet one on one for at least 45 minutes to discuss ministry with the resident. The purpose of the ministry coaching meeting is to ensure that the resident is growing in ministry competence during the residency.

Personal Development

Personal Development is similar to Ministry Coaching but is also quite different. Personal Development is more about who the resident is than what the resident does. Two times per month the resident coach will meet one on one for at least 45 minutes for personal development with each resident. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that the resident is growing as a person and Christian during the residency.

Church Culture

Being part of a winning team is contagious. Residents benefit greatly from being invited into a staff and church culture that is thriving and healthy. Within this context they pick up nuances and attitudes that separate winning teams from other teams.

Leadership Training Curriculum

The Leadership Training Curriculum is unpacked during a weekly training meeting and gives valuable insight into different types of leadership. The Leadership Training Curriculum covers self-leadership, relational leadership, and organizational leadership. The Leadership Training Curriculum also has an “elective” quarter where the resident can learn about Pastoral Ministry, Preaching Ministry or Worship Ministry.

Quarterly Evaluations

Each quarter a formal evaluation process gives feedback to the resident as well as to the resident coach about the residency and the resident’s readiness for pastoral ministry. While the evaluation process is an important tool in its own right, it also serves a “catch” for any development  issues that have been inadvertently overlooked in the other components.

Qualifications of a resident

  • A potential resident must be able to express a clear calling into full-time church ministry.
  • A potential resident must be a college graduate.
  • A potential resident must be in alignment with the church philosophy, culture, and staff.
  • A potential resident must have clear and compelling leadership potential.
  • A potential resident must have some ministry experience.
  • A potential resident must have an appropriate maturity and work ethic.
  • A potential resident must complete the application process.
  • A potential resident must have health and auto insurance.
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