Serve Day 2023

Serve Day 2023

June 10, 2023

June 10 at 8:00 am

Make a difference in your community

Join us for Serve Day on June 10th! This is a unique opportunity for the Graceway community to come together and serve our local community. We’ll be lending a helping hand to people and organizations in Kansas City, showing the love of Christ through our actions. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a real impact and meet new people who share your passion for serving others.

Information about serving opportunities coming soon.

How to get involved in Serve Day


Signup for text updates

Click “get text updates” below or text “SERVE” to 816-685-0046.


Find an opportunity to serve

Come back on May 22 to find a serve day opportunity that interests you.


Join us on June 25th

Join us on June 25, 2022, at 9:00 am for a kick-off party, then head over to your individual serve site.

Night to Shine

We will be organizing and storing 1000 donated prom dresses and shoes. Please consider that some dresses may be heavy due to embellishments. 

Widow’s Project

We will be assisting a widow in our congregation by doing some painting around her windows and possibly a ceiling.

Community Linc

We may be participating in various activities at Community Linc, such as deep cleaning two apartments, decorating them, participating in campus clean up, and ensuring the playground is ready for the residents.

Temple Heights

Our task at Temple Heights will involve removing items from apartments and disposing of them.

Refuge KC (near Eleos)

We will be assisting our new American neighbors at Refuge KC by removing trash and doing yard work. The homes we will be working on are located near Eleos.

Adopt-a-Street Program (Blue Ridge Cutoff)

As participants in the Adopt-a-Street program, we will be conducting a trash pick-up activity on Blue Ridge Cutoff, starting from the city limits and extending southward to 59th Street.

Kenegy Park (Raytown Parks and Recreation)

As part of our involvement with Raytown Parks and Recreation, we will be at Kenegy Park to paint two shelters and conduct trash clean-up, as well as collect leaves and sticks.

Southwood Park (Raytown Parks and Recreation)

Our partnership with Raytown Parks and Recreation will involve working at Southwood Park to paint two shelters and conduct clean-up activities, including picking up trash, leaves, and sticks.

Minor-Smith Park (Raytown Parks and Recreation)

Our task with Raytown Parks and Recreation will entail painting one shelter house and conducting a creek clean-up at Minor-Smith Park.

Krister Park (Raytown Parks and Recreation)

At Krister Park, we will paint underneath a shelter and also conduct clean-up activities such as picking up trash, leaves, and sticks.

63rd Street (Raytown Parks and Recreation)

As part of our partnership with Raytown Parks and Recreation, we will be conducting a cleaning up on 63rd Street. This will involve picking up litter in flower beds on both sides of the street, as well as in green spaces and parking lots.

School Supply Drive

Our involvement in the School Supply Drive will include the assembly of 600 backpacks filled with school supplies, to help prepare students for the upcoming school year.

Trailwoods Elementary

Our task at Trailwoods Elementary will be to relocate and organize two classrooms, to ensure they are properly set up and ready for use.

Corner of 55th and Blue Ridge Cutoff

In collaboration with Graceway’s Facilities Dream Team, our task will involve cleaning up the corner of 55th and Blue Ridge Cutoff, to improve the cleanliness and appearance of the area.

Lullaby of Hope

We will be hosting a packing party for Lullaby of Hope, during which we will assemble gift boxes for women who have experienced the loss of a baby.

City Union Mission

Our task is to wash and clean vehicles that will be given to City Union Mission’s graduates as a reward for completing the program.

REAP Project

The focus of our REAP project will involve interior painting and cleaning up/reorganizing the pantry.

Graceway Facilities Dream Team

The Graceway Facilities Dream Team will be doing an indoor maintenance project, yet to be determined.