Graceway’s middle school ministry exists to help lead students to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We believe that these students are a key part of God’s plan to sharing His Word to a new generation. Our hope is that in the years we have students in our ministry, we can teach them important skills to remain or become followers of Christ throughout their lifetime.

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Graceway is a church that understands the importance of family. We understand that parents are still the most influential voice in their kids’ life, even in their teenage years. Our goal is to partner with parents by honoring their family schedule, listening to their concerns, and by communicating the details of our ministry ahead of time. By signing up for our monthly newsletter, you will receive details about our upcoming events and teaching series.

Parent Cue

With 168 hours in a given week, we recognize that the two hours spent at church are a small fraction of influence. As parents, you have the opportunity to invest all week long and we want to partner with you in the spiritual development of your children. We partner and equip families by providing you with tools to engage your child in conversations about what they are learning on Sunday.

Parent Cue

5th-6th Grade Lock-in

Ready for an evening of games, movies, and fun?! You are invited to join us for a lock-in on March 16. Activities include video, card, and board games, group games, Nerf gun battle, pizza, popcorn, and a movie.

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Summer Camp  |  Winterfest

Each year, our middle school provides two opportunities to get away and hit the reset button. Summer Camp which takes place towards the end of July, and Winterfest which happens over President’s day weekend. Both of these events are planned to be a lot of fun and include live music and powerful teaching. These events are for our 7th-8th-grade students.

Winterfest: February 2020
Camp: July 29-August 2, 2019

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Fall Overnight  |  Costume Party  |  October 26-27

Hey, students! Get your costumes ready because it’s time for our Fall Party! It’s going to be a night of games, a movie, food, and a whole lot of fun. Cost is $10 per person.

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Father-Son Campout  |  Mother-Daughter Weekend

Our 6th-8th-grade students have an opportunity to get away with their parents for a fun-filled weekend.

Fathers and sons will be encouraged to partner together in being godly men while engaging in biblical truths. Activities will include camping, hiking, and games. The mother-daughter weekend will be packed with fun activities like shopping, games, worship, and a sleepover!

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Pastor Donivan Best

Donivan is a creative, caring individual with a passion for connecting children of all ages with their Heavenly Father. He came to Graceway in 1997 with a degree in music education and several years experience teaching rural, suburban, and urban students in Kansas and Missouri. As a family, Donivan, wife Kelley, son Philip, and daughter Rebekah enjoy cycling, boating, hunting, camping, and hiking, as well as a good movie at the theater. The Best family has visited the lower forty-eight states in their mini-van and explored many of the natural wonders God has blessed us with here in America.

You can contact Donivan at (816) 358-1515 or

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