Weekend Messages - Audio
Weekend Messages - Audio
Work: Why is Work So Hard?

Dive deep into the biblical perspectives on work and its inherent challenges with Pastor Tim Dunn of Graceway. This isn’t just about work; it’s a profound exploration of why we often grapple with the daily grind, guided by Ecclesiastes 3:9 and the Book of Genesis.

Why does work feel so arduous? What is the real value in our toil? In this sermon, we seek answers to these complex questions, shedding light on a refreshing viewpoint that can transform your work experience into a meaningful journey.

Pastor Tim dissects the common reactions to the struggles of work – powering through, lamenting and laziness, and striving for clarity. Alongside, he reveals the pitfalls of our modern world – the danger of allowing work to consume our identity, using work as an escape, or separating it from our divine calling.

With wisdom drawn from Exodus 20:2-3, Joshua 8:31, Romans 12:1, and Ephesians 2:10, we will explore how to bring our work back into alignment.

This sermon promises to give you a new perspective on work, reimagining it not as a burden but as a tool for personal and spiritual growth.

Whether you’re a Christian seeking a fresh insight or a non-believer interested in biblical wisdom, this sermon is an invitation for all.

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