She Is Known (S02E04)

In this episode of She Is, Gloria Caruthers emphasizes the importance of being specific in prayer and trusting God’s holistic care for our needs, encouraging listeners to approach Him with vulnerability and openness. Tune in for a faith-filled episode reminding us of God’s faithfulness in big and small things.

She is: Mother’s Day Special Episode (S02E03)

In this Mother’s Day episode of She Is Melanie Newton honors her mother, Kristy Newton. In this episode, she talks about her mother, whom she describes as having the biggest heart for other people and has devoted her life to serving her family and the Lord.

She isn’t Alone (S02E02)

In this episode, we explore Desiree Lee’s life as she shares her family’s challenges, from her son’s epilepsy to her husband’s injury. Witness their resilience and faith through life’s unexpected twists. Join us for an inspiring, touching, and honest conversation about overcoming adversity with love and support.

She is Covered (S02E01)

Special guest Deshana Palmer shares her story of surviving childhood abuse and finding strength through God’s forgiveness.

9. She is Steady

Malia shares with us a story of constantly striving to reach her goals and how she learned to rest on God’s path.

She is Hopeful (S01E07)

Heather shares with us the story of losing her dad and what her journey of grief looks like.