Join us as Pastor Tim Dunn concludes the series “What in the World is God Doing” with the sermon “Returning.” Explore the significance of living with the anticipation of Jesus’ return.

Recruiting Fighters

In this service, we will explore the topic of spiritual warfare and how God calls us to be strong in Him and fight against the schemes of the enemy. The worship time will feature powerful songs like “Proverbs 3 (tablet of your heart),” “Who is like the Lord,” and “Nothing Else” that will prepare our hearts for this spiritual battle.

Mother’s day 2023

In this live stream event, Pastor Tim Dunn will interview a panel of incredible mothers from our Graceway community. They will share their experiences, joys, and challenges of motherhood, inspiring us all.

Motherhood is a journey filled with emotions, and these brave mothers will open up about their personal stories, lessons learned, and moments of triumph. From the sleepless nights to the endless hugs, they will discuss it all.

Calling Workers

Discover how we can do the will of God and share the gospel with those who have not heard. Through the Parable of the Sower and other biblical passages, Pastor Tim will inspire and challenge us to be workers in God’s harvest.

Building & Filling

Join us as Pastor Tim Dunn shares how God builds his church through the power of the Holy Spirit, loving one another, and being sent out as witnesses to the world. Through biblical passages such as Matthew 16:18 and Ephesians 5:15-21, Pastor Tim challenges us to walk wisely and understand the will of the Lord in our daily lives. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear this impactful message on God’s plan for his church. Tune in now to join the conversation.

Seeking & Saving

Join us for this week’s sermon as we explore the universal concept of sin and salvation. We’ll discuss how acknowledging our own shortcomings and accepting the cure for sin through the message of the Gospel can lead to a new and transformative life. Don’t miss out on this powerful message!

We Can’t Join What We Can’t See

Want to know what in the world God is doing? Watch Graceway’s first sermon of our new series, “What in the World is God Doing?” titled “We Can’t Join What We Can’t See.” Pastor Tim will unravel the mysteries of identifying God’s work and joining it.

Easter at Graceway

Celebrate Jesus and His Resurrection with an inspiring message and a Spirit-led time of praise and worship.

Palm Sunday

Join Pastor Tim Dunn as he explores the historical and theological significance of Jesus’ Palm Sunday entrance into Jerusalem. Through this message, we are reminded of the importance of humility and submission in our relationship with God and that God’s ways are not always clear to us but always correct for us.

Forgiveness: Rebuilding Trust

In this sixth and final week of our Forgiveness series, we’re exploring the topic of “Rebuilding Trust.” Pastor Tim will guide us through the truths about trust and how to regain it through repentance.