BE WEIRD: Go Further

In this message, Pastor Tim delves into Matthew 5:38-48, challenging us to break free from conventional thinking and embrace a radical way of living. In Matthew 5:38-48, Jesus challenges the age-old concept of “an eye for an eye” and calls us to a higher standard of love and forgiveness. Discover how this teaching applies to your life and relationships.

BE WEIRD: Keeping Covenants

Tune in for a thought-provoking sermon by Pastor Tim Dunn from Graceway Church. In this message, we explore the topics of divorce and oaths, drawing insights from Matthew 5:31-37. Gain a deeper understanding of these subjects and their relevance to our lives.

BE WEIRD: What’s the Problem with Secret Sin?

Join us for Pastor Todd Genteman’s sermon, “What’s the Problem with Secret Sin?” as he delves into Matthew 5:21-30 to uncover the truth about anger and lust. Discover how Jesus’s interpretation goes beyond external actions to reveal the internal battles we face. Pastor Todd offers guidance on dealing with anger and overcoming lust, providing practical steps toward reconciliation and self-awareness.

BE WEIRD: What God Requires, God Supplies

Welcome to Graceway’s live stream of Pastor Todd Genteman’s thought-provoking sermon, “What God Requires, God Supplies,” based on Matthew 5:17–20. Join us as we explore the teachings of Jesus regarding the Law, the Prophets, and the remarkable standards of righteousness that guide us toward the Kingdom of Heaven.

BE WEIRD: God’s Definition of Making a Difference

In this powerful sermon, we’ll explore the teachings of Jesus as he challenges us to embrace our distinctive role in society. Just as salt enhances flavor and light dispels darkness, we’re called to bring transformation and illumination wherever we go.

BE WEIRD: The Blessed Life – Part Two

Discover the profound insights from Matthew 5:1-12 that unveil the secrets to living a truly blessed life. Pastor Tim will delve into the purpose of the Church and bringing the Future Kingdom of God into the Present.

BE WEIRD: The Blessed Life – Part One

Join us for an enlightening sermon with Pastor Tim Dunn at Graceway as he delves into the profound teachings from Matthew 5:1-12. Discover the path to a Blessed Life through being uniquely you, embracing the wisdom of the Beatitudes.

Work: Living Well

Join us for Pastor Tim Dunn’s sermon on the importance of living well through good work as we explore Ecclesiastes 3:9 and discover God’s definition of good work, providing joy, blessing, and freedom.

Work: Why is Work So Hard?

Dive deep into the biblical perspectives on work and its inherent challenges with Pastor Tim Dunn of Graceway. This isn’t just about work; it’s a profound exploration of why we often grapple with the daily grind, guided by Ecclesiastes 3:9 and the Book of Genesis.

Work: The Good Life

Welcome to the first sermon in the “Work” series at Graceway! In this powerful message titled “The Good Life,” we explore the significance of work and its impact on our lives. Join us as we delve into the theological perspective on work and discover how it shapes our purpose, character, and relationships. Get ready to gain insights on finding joy and fulfillment in your work while glorifying God. Don’t miss this transformative sermon that will change the way you view your daily labor.